Essay Writing on Theories of Philosophy: Liberalism

Writing essays on philosophy can be a daunting task. There are various schools of thought and the works on any subject dates back centuries. It can be thus difficult for an essay writer to create an argument or present an exposition on the topic.

A topic on philosophy can be of the branch of ethics, metaphysics, or epistemology. Each branch of philosophy is further branched into further branches: Ancient, Medieval, Eastern, and Western.

It can also be argumentative or a persuasive essay, asking you to defend a theory of philosophy against another.
Here we will take a look at how an essay on Liberalism can be written based on Kantian and Marxist philosophy.
Keep in mind that an essay on a philosophical subject follows the same conventional format of Introduction, Body, and conclusion.

An essay writing service will allow you to dive into the topic and present the various theories arranged by either the types of philosophy or by the various schools of thought. An expository essay can either talk about the development of the thought, or it can ask you to discuss the topic in reference to authorities on the subject.

Essay On Liberalism


Definition of Liberalism: Liberalism aims at protecting, uplifting, and enchanting the right and freedom of individuals.
Types of Liberalism: Liberty can be negative as well as positive: Negative liberty is fraught with the absence of obstacles and constraints and doesn’t allow for the individual’s growth through the structures of society. While positive liberty is an act of realizing one’s purpose and act upon it in a collective manner.

Background: According to the historical liberal figures, humans should enjoy their freedom and equality under a hypothetical social contract; and when there are limitations upon an individual’s liberty it should be justified.
Thesis Statement: Both Kant and Marx are proponents of individual liberalism and that the individual prospers in a unitary setup. But the latter doesn’t see the liberty hampered by the class system and capitalism.


Autonomy comes foremost in Kant’s ethics: an autonomous person has the ability and the responsibility to follow his or her just moral codes. The state is responsible to protect this individual autonomy.

He is a proponent of law-governed social-order as it encourages individuals to reach higher capacities which can come about through social yearning for power and possession.


For Marx, this freedom is incorporated into the social whole after the removal of class differences.
Marx is like Kant a proponent of a socialized form of liberty and takes abandonment of community by a person as a degradation.

 Kant refers to the innate right and tendency of humans to be independent, while Marx points out that most of the people lose their independence, such as in the labor market, when under capitalist employers.

If there is to be freedom and equality along the lines of Kant, then according to Marx there needs to be a change in the system where the labor will determine its direction and move on to the ruling class.

Body Paragraph

The body paragraph will introduce the philosophy or the theory that is central to the write my essay, and only then will it be compared to other theories.

YOUR OPINION (Paragraph 3)

We are however not Kantian citizens but one would say that an individual of the 21st century, does enjoy liberal freedom with reduced inequality, ease of education, etc.

Liberalism and our freedoms are under threat of totalitarianism in the form of a democratic majority.
 We have arrived at this position through the form of negative liberty over generations.


The conclusion will combine the main points from each of the paragraphs. It includes the main theory, its comparison, and your opinion. You will add no new information for the final paragraph other than leading your reader to a logical conclusion.